Trans Pantyhose

Rarely unique site featuring tons of exclusive pics and videos showing horny shemales having sex and showing off in pantyhose.

Trans Pantyhose

Transpanythose.com caters to what is probably the fastest growing porn audience: transexuals.  Gone are the days that gay men had to decide, with these women, they prefer to have both. So when it comes to fetishes, these aren’t ones to be left behind.

Man, there is nothing hotter in the shemale world than shemales in see-through panty-hose. It may not be fun to have your nuts tucked in between your legs, but these babes sure make it seem hot.  And all the better, it just makes us want to take it off! Whoever said that garters and pantyhose were dead out to be executed, since these pictures are sizzling!

And never before have I ever seen such a diversified and hot looking bunch.  You got your exotic Asians, you got your sexy Caucasians, your hot Latina’s and foxy African Americans.  But wait. For the picky targeted audience, this site offers oh-so much more. Not only do you have an equal representation of the races, but you’ve got them in various age ranges too.  Of course, you’ve got the average age group of mid-twenties to thirties, but what makes it different is the addition of some fresh looking meat.

The disclaimer says that all of the models were eighteen when photographed, but the fact that she looks 16 makes me just want to spank myself harder.  Who knew shemales came that young. Another unique offering is the difference in penis sizes!  Almost all the other sizes featured engorged members, this one actually has some rather realistic sizes.  But make no mistake, even though the sizes are drastically reduced, the hotness sure isn’t.  What these babes lack in size, they make up in hoover sucking pleasures.

There’s plenty to go for everyone, and you’re gonna want to renew after thirty days, because this site is worth more than your thirty dollars.  Blink and you’ll miss an update, because they seem to add something that’s designed to give you a hard on everyday.

The pictures are as graphic as they come, and even though they may not be hardcore for the die hard shemale fucker, it’s gritty enough for me.  One thing’s for sure though, this stuff isn’t for beginners. Besides the wide range of fuckable babes to drool on, another thing I do like in this site is that it’s got a lot of content. They have constant updates, so there’s always something new from your favorite she-babe.  And we’re not talking about weeks here, but days.  No doubt, when you’re thirty days are up, you’ll be wanting for more.  Ninety days won’t even do it, at the rate that they’re going.

The videos themselves are good enough to download, burn, and even deserve a playback on your plasma widescreen TV. Each video is divided into smaller chunks to facilitate easy download, and is in MP4 format.  The site offers links to codecs and players, should you not have the necessary software, and they are all free!!!

If those aren’t enough, you can always check out their archives for some oldies, but still incredibly hot goodies.  Which, unlike other sites, actually has a hefty archives section.  They have pictures and videos that go back to almost four years!  You not only see what your fav babes look like when they were younger, but can see how much the fetish has changed (all better, I assure you)

Overall, this site gets a good two thumbs up!  The service is pretty neat, they have bonuses for loyal members, and it’s packed with pictures, and total hardcore videos, which for a porn site, is really what you wanna see.

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published: 2013-08-07


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