Pantyhose Face

This is the site for extreme pantyhose fetishists about complete pantyhose encasement. Watch babes covered in nylons from head to toes.

Pantyhose Face

I always associated the pantyhose-face fetish to auto-eroticism, which in my book makes it border BDSM.  Not that it’s bad, anything that combines two fetishes in one just makes things a hecka lot more fun and efficient. For such a targeted fetish, these guys sure do know how to deliver. I don’t know how they did it, but they’ve managed to make pantyhose screened faces hot.

The men and women they use are surprisingly diverse, with a lot of Asians thrown into the mix, something I will forever be thankful for (two Japanese women in covered in foot stockings? Live action hentai, anyone?)

Once you’ve gotten through your initial reservation and rid yourself that nasty association of murders done hose asphyxiation (that’s another fetish right there, baby) you’ll be wishing for some hoseburns from those pantyhose licking parties that you wished you and your girlfriend had.

And just in case you need to see how it’s down, download a couple of videos and hang on to your seat (or your tissues, as this case may be)

All the videos are stored in MP4 format.  Just right click and choose “Save As”.  Download take about four to ten minutes, depending on the speed of your connection.  Though don’t worry, the videos are well worth the wait. Not only are they educational, but they are as graphic as they come.  There’s no hesitation for beginners, you’re going to get your wick wet by being shoved into the pool! Still, there are some drawbacks to this site.

For one, it’s still new, so it’s still a little light in terms of content.  If you’re in it just for some alternative programming, then this is a great choice.  If you’re a hardcore user looking for a regular fix, you might run out of materials faster than you can say “L’Eggs”.

They do update regularly though, and continuing patronage to the fetish (*cough, site) may increase the frequency of updates.  Although the site currently updates every few days, the volume still wouldn’t be enough to satisfy a pantyhose licking junkie.

Also, the archive is fully stocked.  Most of the videos date back to just a few months, so it’s not completely dated. And it features most of the women on the site, so if you’ve got a few favs this should do more than enough to accommodate your extended fantasies.

Another gripe I do have are the pictures. Yeah, they look nice. Yeah, everyone looks like they are having fun-fuckable time.  But after 56 photos in succession, you do begin to notice that they are all shot in the same room. Sure, we know that this is all a fantasy, but at least build some better sets.

Given the fact that the site is still pretty young, there is more than enough room for improvement. It’s already worth the look right now, I can’t imagine how much better it would be in a few months once the bugs have been hammered out and more pantyhose lickers come in. Plus, they do offer a lot of bonus programs for loyal members.  A lot of bonus programs actually.

By signing up for their pantyhose discounts program, you can get access to 13 of their pantyhose fetish sites for the price of a month’s subscription. Sites like: Pantyhoseforladies.com, a rather tasteful site for the ladies who want to do a pantyhose licking party along with their tea (worth the look), pantyhosetales.com, a site dedicated to offering high quality videos regarding the fetish (I’d add this), and secretarypantyhose.com (admit it, we all have a leach on our dad’s secretaries)

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published: 2013-08-07


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