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Pantyhose Line

PantyhoseLine.com is entirely dedicated to providing its members with high quality pantyhose sex video shoots and picture galleries. To this end they update the site every single day with a new content set. There are typically three or four picture galleries added for each new video gallery uploaded. As you might imagine there’s a huge repository of content here, more than one man could find his way through in a lifetime I imagine. When you first enter the member’s area you’re confronted with three choices. You can visit the pictures section, check out the videos, or head to the archive for even more content. My first choice was to visit the pictures section and see what they had for me.

The first thing I noticed was just how much content there was to be had. There are over 1,000 picture galleries contained just within this section. Each gallery features 60-80 images, which amounts to a truly mind blowing number. When you consider that something new is added every single day I don’t think anyone could possibly exhaust the content available on PantyhoseLine.com. The pictures are displayed in 1024x680, with that number being flipped for horizontal images. That’s a big enough display for most monitors but those of you running at the highest resolutions may find it a bit small for your tastes. Sadly, there is only one resolution offered for the images so you’re out of luck if you want to go higher. The content of the images is purely hardcore with nothing but men and women pairing up for a hot fucking session involving hard dicks, beautiful babes and soft pantyhose. In almost every gallery the girl keeps her pantyhose on while she’s getting fucked, sometimes sliding them down her legs a bit of ripping a hole in the crotch to make room for the cock.

The video content features the same setup, men and women having hardcore sex, but there’s just so little of it when compared to the pictures that it’s kind of a letdown. All told there are 80 video shoots for you to access with each broken down into three or four separate parts. The shoots themselves run somewhere between twelve and sixteen minutes and feature none of the usual bloat that video sites include with their content to pad the length. These couples get right down to the business of fucking. There’s plenty of oral sex, a little bit of pussy eating through pantyhose, and lots of pussy fucking. You won’t find any anal sex, but then again that’s not what this site is about.

Just in case you haven’t had enough pantyhose content PantyhoseLine.com also has an enormous archive of older content that features another 1,000 picture galleries and 70 or so video shoots. When it comes to providing their member’s with a high quality experience PantyhoseLine.com has it down pat. There’s nothing they haven’t thought of and any pantyhose fan will be delighted with the completeness of the site and the quality of the content.

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published: 2013-08-08


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