Nylon Feet Videos

One of the rare feet fetish sites that offer nothing but high quality videos of foot worship. Both hetero couples and lesbians enjoying their kinky games with nylon encased feet. Footjobs, toe sucking, trampling and everything that you like to see when searching for pantyhose and nylon content.

Nylon Feet Videos

NylonFeetVideos.com combines two of the world’s most popular fetishes into one content rich paysite. As of this writing (Dec 2006) there are more than 150 full length video sets, with each of them breaking down into 4 or 5 separately downloadable video clips. All told, that’s more than 600 fetish video clips at your fingertips. The site updates every four days with a new video set so it’s growing larger every month.

Now, the word feet is right in the title of NylonFeetVideos.com, but you won’t truly get you moneys worth from this site unless you’re also into nylons. You don’t have to be a fetishist, but all the feet on the site are covered in nylons so if that bugs you you’re not going to like any of the content. Speaking of which, the content on NylonFeetVideos.com is entirely video based, so if you have a dial up connection or you’re only interested in pictures you should turn right back around. The videos are generally 50 megabytes in size and run four minutes. Most video sets are comprised of four separate video clips, with the occasional set including five. The videos run at 640x480 pixels and can be watched full screen with no problems or blurring at all. In fact, when it comes to content presentation NylonFeetVideos.com gets it right on every account, at least for the content they have.

It would be nice if they included some pictures with the videos. They don’t have to shoot a separate roll of pictures for each shoot, but it would be nice if they put together a small collection of screenshots for each video clip. This would serve two purposes. First, you’d be able to see what kind of action was going to take place during the clip before you wasted significant time downloading it. Second, if you prefer picture content you could still get a lot out of this site if they had pictures. As it is, those of you out there who prefer picture content are up the creek without a paddle.

The small quibble aside, let’s focus on the content itself. As you know, each video on NylonFeetVideos.com features at least one girl in a pair of nylons or pantyhose. What comes after that is the real variable of the site. Most of the clips are simple male and female pairings; however you’ll also find some lesbian pairings mixed in. The male and female videos typically start out with some sexy foreplay, including kissing, fingering, foot rubbing and licking, and oral sex. Almost all of the male and female videos include some hardcore sex, with the woman getting her pantyhose torn open and her pussy fucked hard. In these cases the feet are always strategically placed so they play a major role in the sex scene, which is a nice touch. The lesbian videos focus heavily on foot play with the girls licking each other’s toes, giving foot rubs, etc. There’s also a fair amount of pussy play, which no good lesbian scene goes without.

There really aren’t many things to complain about with NylonFeetVideos.com. If you’re really turned on by nylons, especially foot covered nylons; you’ll absolutely love this site. If you like straight hardcore sex or lesbian sex you’ll still probably find a lot to like here, but there are probably better alternatives for you.

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published: 2014-12-01


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